Just a Peek (2D)- $55
  • a Peek $55- If you are 8-14 weeks along and just want to catch a glimpse of your little bean, this is the perfect package for you. A 10 minute session, 4 Black and White images and CD. Gender not included. 

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 I Just Can't Wait! (2D) - $75
  • - If you “just can’t wait” to find out the gender, then this is the perfect package for you! A 10 minute session, 4 black and white images, Gender (if desired), a CD and DVD as well as a quick peek in 3d/4d! We will also listen to your baby's heartbeat!


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Basic 3d/4d Package - $99
  • This 15 minute session includes a CD, DVD, 4 printed black and white images, 3 color images, listen to heartbeat. Ideal timing is 24-40 weeks (best is 28-32).

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Peek A Boo 2d/3d/4d Special - $129
  • This 15 minute session includes a CD, DVD, 6  black and white images, 4 color images, gender confirmation.  Listen to baby’s heartbeat. Add a heartbeat animal for only $20!

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Heartbeat Delight -2d/3d/4d Session $159
  • This 15 minute ultrasound session is the best deal! Includes a CD, DVD, 8 black and white images and 6 color images, a keepsake recording of your baby’s heartbeat with animal of your choice. Add a second heartbeat animal for only $25!

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Telling The Story - 2d/3d/4d Session $199 (BEST DEAL) TWO VISITS
  • Find out the gender now then come back to see how much baby has grown! Combines the 2D “I Just Can’t Wait” and the Heartbeat Delight.  Add a second heartbeat animal for only $25! This is the BEST SAVINGS! You save $65.00

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  • This combination package is the best deal. Your first visit is to find out the gender, your second visit is to get an early peek in 3D/4D, and your third visit is to see how much baby has grown in 3D/4D! Includes CD and DVD. $50 savings! Includes a $25 credit to the photography studio and an 11X14 print.

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If your baby is not in a good position, we will do several things to try to get baby to move. We allow each mommy enough time between sessions so that we can spend extra time with you, if needed. If baby still hides the face, we will gladly offer you a rescan at no additional charge.



Wonderful news! A double (or triple) blessing. We Charge $45 for second baby in gender packages and $20 for 3d/4d packages


If you or your spouse are in the military we are pleased to offer you the following savings:

10% off any session that is at least a 15 minute session*
5% off all other sessions*

In addition, we offer SKYPE at no additional charge so that your loved one can join the session while you are here. If they are unable to join in we will gladly provide you with an additional CD and DVD to send to your spouse.

*additional discounts and or offers not valid


  • Amazing Experience
  • Abby - Twins! - Sep 20, 2014
  • Amazing Staff and comfortable environment. We are expecting Twins and the staff made sure we had enough time for both babies. We were fortunate enough to get some really great photos and an awesome DVD. Thank you Show and Tell for making this opportunity one that we will never forget!
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