2d/3d/4d Ultrasound Services

2D Ultrasound

2D ultrasound is the same imaging used at your doctor’s office. It is seen in black and white. We use 2D ultrasound to confirm fetal number, fetal position, fetal gender, and the presence of fetal cardiac activity. Your baby’s profile and the presence of hair on the top of the head can be seen with 2D imaging. 2D imaging is a great way to see your baby’s whole body, as he or she kicks, moves, and turns. We can see the baby yawn, blink, suckle, kick, wiggle, and wave in 2D.

We use 2D imaging for greater accuracy in our gender confirmation scans. You can come in for a gender confirmation scan starting at 15 weeks. Fuller figured mothers can come in starting at 18 weeks. We won’t guess when it comes to your baby’s gender. If we are unsure of the gender because the baby is not in a good position, we will gladly offer you a free rescan.

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3D Ultrasound
Our 3D ultrasound session captures still images of your baby three-dimensionally. Be sure to purchase a CD to capture your baby’s precious portraits. When a transducer is placed on the body, it emits sound waves into the body, listens for the returning echoes, and then generates an image depending on the size, location, and depiction of those echoes. 3D imaging technology creates still images that show realistic and detailed face features. It is safe because 3D/4D ultrasound scans use the same intensity of power as 2D scanning.

There are a couple of factors that can determine the quality of your 3D ultrasound images. Mainly, your baby’s position. If baby is face down, we will have to wait until baby turns. Even if the baby is face up, the umbilical cord or baby’s hands can hide the face. The baby can also be snuggled up close to the wall of the uterus, which usually happens when mom needs to drink more water. We need a pocket of amniotic fluid in front of baby’s face to get good pictures. By drinking 8 cups of water a day for one week prior to your session, this should ensure a proper fluid volume. An anterior placenta or increased maternal tissue/scarring can also reduce the clarity of your baby’s pictures. Every baby scans differently according to their gestational age.
4D Ultrasound
4D imaging captures the baby's movement, showing a live picture during your ultrasound session. Often we capture baby yawning, blinking, suckling its fingers or toes.  This is saved onto a DVD which is then set to baby music for later viewing.
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  • Felicia C - Sep 30, 2012
  • My husband and I had a wonderful and pleasant experience. The assistant in the front was very personable and kind. Nora, our sonographer, was sweet and really made this experience what it was, wonderful. We loved the pics and the packages were priced reasonably. Thank you!
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